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Forward by Tony Surtees, CEO, Hyperlocalizer


The Tipping Point Eras; the Eras that shapes Modern India.
India’s Place in the New World Order; How economic activity is shifting the epicentre of global innovation to Asia.
Enviable Growth; India’s bottom up development model through private entrepreneurship is consistent with economies relying on innovation for growth.
Groundbreaking Changes; Changes for the common man.
Innovation Foundation; How India has built a sustainable capacity to produce scientific and technical manpower, a key asset for national innovation.
Gargantuan Opportunities and Mindless Pitfalls; A small window of opportunity plagued by mindless pitfalls. Three levels of innovation; grassroots innovation, national level and innovation for global competitiveness.
Enhancing Rural GDP through Inclusive Innovation; If India succeeds in identifying, sustaining and funding a balanced innovation portfolio, India will also succeed in eliminating poverty, increasing its rural GDP manifold, provide employment, education and health for all its citizens.
Formalising Innovation through a National Innovation System: A pragmatic call for action.


Listen to the Table of Contents as a podcast here (MP3, 17.4 MB, 20 mins)

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