Friday, August 20, 2010

The Radio Interview: Painful transition, New Generation

On India's 64th Independance day (August 15th, 2010), George Eby Mathew, author of India's Innovation Blueprint was invited for a discussion on India's progress with EastSideFM's Shailja Chandra. The following is an abridged version of the aired discussion on radio edited for brevity and clarity.

You can also listen to this interview as a podcast here (MP3, 36MB)

89.7 FM. What made you write the book and give us a view of the journey you took doing that?

First of all thanks for having me and it’s a pleasure to be here. The driver was the change I was seeing. If we look at my own background, I grew up in the license raj. When I graduated from University in 1992, like many other Indians in my generation, I got the first opportunity to work in a free market economy. That was a mind boggling change. However my first job was with a public sector company and when I left it to join the private sector in 3 months my entire family was perplexed as to why someone would leave a safe central government job. For many people that change was unfathomable.

There is a lot of negativism that comes from India – people dying from preventable diseases, lack of infrastructure and so on but from within that stereotyped view of India there is a new India emerging. Many people see it and many people don’t. The tension between the old India and the new India is visible. It’s sort of screeching and screaming at the edges and the peripheries of the two are loud. Any issue you tend to take in India now can be seen from these two perspectives and it is important to have those two perspectives. Documenting, narrating and chronicling the macro events building the new India and lending an explanation for the change I was witnessing from the vantage point I had standing at the inflexion points is really what the book covers.
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

India's 64th Independance Day: Radio Interview


Hear me in discussion with Eastside FM's Shailja Chandra on India's 64th Independance day (August 15th) at 12:30 pm (AEDT) on Sydney Eastside FM 89.7

Update 1 : Read an abridged transcript here
Update 2: Listen to the interview as a podcast here (MP3, 36 MB) If you enjoyed reading this, consider buying India's Innovation Blueprint