Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Book Information: "India's Innovation Blueprint"

George Eby Mathew is awaiting the publication of his first book and one of the first accounts of how modern India is building itself as an Innovation superpower. To be published in July 2010, "India's Innovation Blueprint: How the world's largest democracy is becoming an Innovation Superpower", is an eye-opening 360 degree view of the opportunities and challenges India has to become a formidable force in Innovation. He makes distinct references to the disconnects between what is apparent and what is latent like for example the disconnects between India's physical and mental infrastructure and the disparities between India's rich and the poor. He emphasises that the solutions lie in inclusive growth, rural entrepreneurship and innovation. Among other things, he establishes the inextricable link between Innovation and rural GDP, national GDP and global competitiveness. He offers suggestions on raising the profile of Innovation through a National Innovation System. Here's the Full interview.
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