Wednesday, September 14, 2005

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George’s three dimensional framework to understand innovation demands in India is brilliant! Using this framework, the readers can easily appreciate the complex and heterogeneous context of India. The twenty seven cuboids guide an actionable portfolio of micro innovations without losing sight of the big national agenda or the sense of balance so necessary for today's world at large.
S. Sivakumar, Chief Executive - Agri Businesses, ITC Limited, India

George Mathew shares with you an objective assessment of the core pillars and institutions of India that have brought her to this point. He examines the “tipping points” of her history, her struggles post independence, her accidents as well as her design. He also thrashes out part of the inevitable moral dilemma that Indian society wrestles with in terms of her poverty and successes and how one-third of India’s population live on under a dollar a day. He explains the dynamic role that innovation is playing by lifting India out of its poverty trap and crucial role it is playing by reshaping India's future both domestically and internationally. He calls for the creation of an Indian National Innovation System to help transform India and assist in a more equitable distribution of the benefits that can be gained from such economic development.

But more importantly in this book you’ll also discover George’s talent for story telling, as he navigates us through the story behind the emotionally powerful transformation that India has gone through and how she is becoming a model for innovation amongst all nations – a superpower in the world of innovation.
Tony Surtees, CEO, Hyperlocaliser
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